We focus on synthesis and transport properties of 2D and topological nanomaterials.

2D Layered Chalcogenides

We induce new phases and control properties of 2D layered materials via surface functionalization using organic molecules, intercalation of metal ions, and construction of heterostructures. We are interested in 2D superconductivity, charge density waves, and nanoscale phase transformations.

Topological Nanomaterials

We develop precision synthesis of topological nanomaterials and study their exotic electronic properties via transport measurements. Our synthesis toolbox includes VLS growth, MOCVD, and thermomechanical nanomolding. Topological surface state properties can be enhanced by making these materials at the nanoscale. Currently, we focus on realizing 1D topological superconductor nanowires for robust quantum computing and 1D topological metals for next-generation interconnects.

In Situ TEM for phase transformations

We are interested in the dynamic relationship between structure and properties of nanomaterials during phase transformations. At the nanoscale, analysis of the entire structure is manageable using TEM. Thus, we apply various in situ TEM techniques and operate nanodevices using our 2D and topological nanomaterials to establish structure-property relations during phase transformations.