Group News

2024.02.22 Alyssa Xu successfully defended her PhD thesis entitled “In situ characterization of electrochemically intercalated two-dimensional group VI transition metal dichalcognides.”! Congrats, Dr. Xu!
2024.02.22 Group alum Pengzi Liu visited us today. She attended Alyssa’s defense and celebrated together. Was so nice to see you, Pengzi!
Dr. Yu-Mi Wu joins the group as postdoc. Welcome!
Today is the last day for postdoc Gangtae Jin who is starting his own group as Assistant Professor at Gachon University, Seoul, Korea. We wish him the best of luck and look forward to awesome science from his group!

2023.12.04 Today is the last day for postdoc Jamie Hart who will start his new position at the Navy Research Lab in Washington, D.C.. Jamie has jumpstarted the lab at Cornell by moving first in 2021, one year prior to the rest of the group. We will miss him dearly and wish him the best in his new position!
MSE PhD students Sihun Lee and Jason Schibler join the group. Welcome!
We are excited to expand our work on topological semimetals as potential extremely-scaled electrical interconnects with the generous support from NSF’s FuSe program. This will be a team effort focused on fundamental studies with consideration of co-design, working with collaborators from RPI and Notre Dame. 
Judy is the 9th Lester B. Knight Director of Cornell Nanoscale Science and Technology Facility (CNF). 
Today was the last day for Astrid Kengne in the lab. It has been great to have him in the lab. And big thanks to Gangtae and Han for working with him!
Astrid Kengne from Morgan State University joins the group as a CNF REU student. Welcome!
Dr. Stephen Funni joins the group as postdoc. Welcome!
Today was a big day for the group. David Hynek and Serrae Reed-Lingenfelter successfully defended their PhD research! David’s PhD research is titled “Large-area synthesis and characterization of 2D telluride thin films” and Serrae’s PhD research is titled “Electronic property tuning and external stimuli control of two-dimensional materials via surface functionalization.” Congrats, Dr. Hynek and Dr. Reed-Lingenfelter!
Han Wang, PhD student in MSE, joins the group. Welcome!
Khoan Duong and Yeryun Cheon, both PhD students in the Department of Physics, join the group. Welcome!

2022.12.23 Dr. Mengjing Wang will start as a process engineer at Applied Materials at CA in January 2023. She has spearheaded Li intercalation projects into the tellurides and has been a valuable member of the group. We wish her well. She will be missed dearly.
Dr. Jamie received the best contributed speaker award for his talk titled “Cryogenic 4D STEM of the charge density wave transition in TaS2 with in situ electrical biasing” from Symposium 02 – Frontiers in Imaging and spectroscopy in TEM in 2022 Fall MRS. Congrats!
Judy participated in SRC-SIA webinar on collaboration towards decadal plan goals (here). Judy’s remarks on researching promising topological metals to solve our current interconnect challenges are at 1:03:20 (youtube link).
Mehrdad’s perspective on nanomolding (paper) for topological materials is highlighted in Cornell Chronicle (here). It was also featured in AIP Scilight (here).  
Dr. Hyeuk Jin Han will start his own lab as Assistant Professor at Sungshin Women’s University in Korea, starting September this year. Big congrats and wish him the best in his new position!
2022.08.5 Dr. Jamie won M&M 2022 postdoc scholar award based on his work titled “Layer stacking determination in topological MoTe2 via STEM imaging, liquid He STEM, and quantitative electron diffraction.”. Congrats!
2022.08.1-4 Dr. Jamie, Saif, and Quynh are presenting their results at the M&M 2022 in Portland, OR.
2022.07.11 Judy’s lab at Yale is being packed for the move to Cornell.
2022.07.01 Judy joins Cornell MSE as tenured professor.
Dr. Jamie, Dr. Mengjing, and Alyssa attended and presented their results at the 2022 GRC on 2D Electronics Beyond Graphene
Quynh and Saif passed the Q exams at Cornell MSE! Congrats!
2022.05.23 Dr. Josh and Dr. Pengzi at Yale’s 321st commencement! Natalie was also at the commencement, receiving her Master’s degree at Yale.
2022.04.04 Natalie Williams and Quynh Sam (at Cornell) are the recipients of 2022 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congrats!
2022.01.25 Pengzi successfully defended her PhD research titled “Synthesis and transport properties of topological crystalline insulator SnTe nanowires.” Congrats, Dr. Pengzi!
2022.01.14 Today was the last day for Dr. Josh Pondick. He will start working at Ambri, a start-up company developing grid scale batteries. He will be dearly missed. We wish him well!
2022.01.04 Cornell students Saif Siddique and Quynh Sam join the group, Welcome!

2021.10.25 Dr. Gangtae Jin joins the group as a postdoc. Welcome!
2021.10.18 Josh successfully defended his PhD research titled “The electrochemistry of 2D materials and their heterostructures for energy applications.” Congrats, Dr. Josh!
2021.09.22 Judy is the recipient of the 2021 SRC Young Faculty Award. Acceptance speech here.
2021.09.01 Dr. Mehrdad Kiani joins the group as a postdoc. Welcome!
2021.06.01 Three undergraduate students will do research in the group this summer. Elifnaz Onder, Maria Bambrick-Santoyo, and J.R. Stauff, welcome!
2021.04.09 We are excited to embark on a collaborative project with Haotian Wang’s group at Rice University to study the effects of topological surface states on electrocatalysis! We are grateful for the support from CIFAR Catalyst Funds, making this collaboration possible.
2021.01.27 Our two recent papers were highlighted by the Yale SEAS news (here). One is about measuring the doping power of molecules to MoS2, led by Milad Yarali and Serrae Reed, and the other is about understanding how the ordering of lithium atoms inside graphene flakes gets affected by a mechanical strain, led by Josh Pondick.

2020.12.21 A lab holiday lunch over Zoom! We played skribbl and the big winner was Natalie! The second place went to Jamie, and the third to Josh. Check out our drawing skills!
2020.12.2 Graduate student Hanshi Li joins the group. Welcome!
2020.11.24 Graduate student Natalie Williams from Chemistry Department joins the group. Welcome!
2020.7.23 Terry Xie who graduated last year from the group received the Gold Graduate Student Award from the 2020 MRS Spring Meeting, based on his PhD thesis on in situ TEM crystallization studies of nanostructures. Congrats, Terry! Yale SEAS news here.
2020.7.3 Today is the last day for Dr. Milad Yarali who will start as a Process Integration Engineer at Samsung in Austin, TX. He has spearheaded projects on surface functionalization of 2D materials in our group, demonstrating a record-level doping for some 2D monolayers. He will be dearly missed and we wish him the best!
2020.4.12 Today is the last day for Dr. Sajad Yazdani. Sajad has jumpstarted electrochemical intercalation of 2D materials in the group, which has grown into several exciting projects. He is starting at ASML to make the next generation of the lithograhpy machine. We wish him the best and will dearly miss him!
2020.4.1 Dr. Jamie Hart and Dr. Mengjing Wang start as postdocs in the group. Welcome!
2020.3.4 John successfully defended his thesis today! Congrats, Dr. John! John was the first graduate student that joined the group. He will start a postdoc position at CUNY Advanced Science Research Center. We wish him the best of luck!

2019.12.5 The Cha group enjoying the 2019 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston.
2019.12.5 Apparently, Judy is one of the highly cited researchers of 2019 by the Web of Science Group. Yale SEAS news here.
2019.11.25 Judy is awarded the EPiQS Synthesis Investigator Grant by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. We are grateful for their generous support and excited to make all (quantum) things nano! Yale SEAS news here.
2019.9.20 Today is the last day for Terry Xie. He is the first PhD out of the group! He will be starting his postdoc position at the Lawrence Berkerley National Lab in CA. We wish him the very best luck, and will miss him dearly. We are sure he will miss New Haven’s bone-chilling, snow-ridden, never-ending winter. Yeah, we are sure…
2019.08.21 David Hynek will receive the 2019 NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships (NSTRF19). Congrats, David! News at Yale West Campus.
2019.8.19 Shiyu (Alyssa) Xu joins the group as a graduate student. Welcome!
2019.8.13 Judy Cha is one of the 2019 Young Innovators in NanoEnergy, given by NanoResearch. Details are here.
2019.07.01 Judy is promoted to Carol & Douglas Melamed Associate Professor.
2019.05.02 Dr. Hyeuk Jin Han starts as a postdoc in the group. Welcome!
2019.05.01 Serrae Reed joins the group as a graduate student. Welcome!
2019.04.01 Terry successfully defended his PhD thesis, entitled “In situ TEM study of crystallization dynamics in glassy nanomaterials.” Congratulations, Terry! The most important lesson he learned from his PhD is ‘Live the Life!’ Terry said.
2019.02.25- 03.01 Judy and Josh present their works on hydrogen evolultion reaction of 2D materials at the Gordon Research Conference on Nanomaterials for Applications in Energy Technologies in Ventura, California.

2018.09.10 Undergraduate students, Evan Haas and Matthew Kegley, join the lab. Welcome!
2018.09.03 Dr. Sajad Yazdani starts as a postdoc in the group. Welcome!
2018.07.27 Today is the last day for Grace Matthews. It’s been great to have her in the group.
2018.07.06 The Army Research Office at the Department of Army will fund our work on intercalation of 2D materials. We are excited to continue working on this topic and thank the ARO for their support!
2018.06.11 Dr. Milad Yarali starts as a postdoc in the group. Welcome!
2018.06.11 Judy receives the 4th Hanwha Non-tenure Faculty Award.
2018.06.04 Grace Matthews is joining the group as a summer REU student. Welcome!
2018.05.31 Pengzi and John present their work at the CIFAR Quantum Materials program in Montreal, Canada.
2018.05.28 Terry and Judy present the crystallization studies of metallic glass nanorods at the 12th Bulk Metallic Glass Conference in Seoul, Korea.
2018.04.17 Our DOE-funded research on In-doped SnTe nanowires is renewed. We are excited to continue working on these materials for the predicted 1D topological superconductivity and to pursue the elusive Majorana fermions. We thank the Dept. of Energy for their generous support.
2018.04.13 Josh Pondick will receive the 2018 National Defence Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship Award. Congratulations, Josh!
2018.04.02 Judy receives the NSF CAREER award, entitled “CAREER: Electronic transport and interfacial effects on electrochemical hydrogen evolution reaction for transition metal dichalcogenides.” (Details here.)
2018.04.02-04.06 The Cha group attends the 2018 Spring MRS at Pheonix! Enjoying the nice warm weather while New Haven got 2-4 inches of snow on Monday morning.
2018.03.02 Julia Wei receives the YSEA Undergraduate Research Grant. Congratulations, Julia!

2017.12.15 Terry Xie is selected as an Henry L. Rowland Fellow for the academic year of 2017-2018. Congratulations, Terry!
2017.12.15 Pengzi Liu and John Woods are selected as a Pierre W. Hoge Fellow for the academic year of 2017-2018. Congratulations, Pengzi and John!
2017.12.13 Judy gives a talk at Max Planck Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany
2017.11.06 Judy attends the CIFAR-EPiQS joint meeting on Quantum Materials and gives a talk on the group’s work on quantum materials and 2D materials.
2017.11.03 Judy gave a Applied Physics seminar at Harvard. Thank you, Jenny Hoffman, for the invitation!
2017.10.31 Yale Daily News had an article on Judy (here). Check out the digital rendition.
2017.10.26 Yale West Campus celebrated its 10th year! Here are some photos and the symposium we held to celebrate the 10th year anniversary (link, also here and here). Check out some of ESI members featured in this awesome video!
2017.10.13 Judy gave a MSE seminar at Cornell. Thank you, Lara Estroff, for the invitation!
2017.10.12 Judy is selected as a CIFAR (Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) Azrieli Global Scholar under the Quantum Materials program. News here and here.
2017.10.11 Our energy research on chalcogenides is featured in Yale SEAS News (here).
2017.10.4-10.6 Judy gave an invited talk at the Quantum Materials Symposiusm, QMS2017, at Harnack-Haus of the Max Planck Society in Berlin, Germany, organized by Rutgers and several Max Planck Institutes.
2017.9.29 Today was the last day for Jie Xing, who has spent one year with us. It’s been great to have her in the group, and we wish her the best of luck!
2017.8.30-9.1 Terry gave an invited talk on his in situ TEM work of phase change memory devices at the 2017 Non-Volatile Memorty Technology Symposium (NVMTS 2017) at the Institute of Physics, RWTH Aachen, Germany. This work is in collaboration with IBM.
2017.8.25 Today was the last day for Dr. Yu Zhou. He has established the nanodevice micro-reactor approach for electrochemistry in the group. We wish him the best of luck in his 2nd postdoc group!
2017.8.24 Judy gave an invited talk at the ACS 254th National Meeting in Washington, DC, on the role of electron transfer in hydrogen evolution reaction of 2D transition metal dichalcogenides.
2017.8.15 Joshua Pondick joins the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!
2017.8.8-10 Judy gave an invited talk on the nanoscale effects on crystallization kinetics of metallic glasses at the EMN Metallic Glass Meeting in Berlin, Germany.
2017.7.27 Today’s the last day for Savannah Downing. It’s been great to have her in the group.
2017.6.30 Our NSF EAGER proposal with Co-PI James Williams at University of Maryland, College Park is recommended for funding. The proposal is on studying In-doped SnTe nanowires as a building block for more robust quantum computations.
2017.6.25-30 Judy gave an invited talk at the Gordon Research Conference on Crystal Growth and & Assembly on “nanoscale effects in crystallization using metallic glasses.”
2017.06.12 David Hynek joins the group as a new PhD student. Welcome!
2017.06.07 Savannah Downing joins the group as a REU student. Welcome!
2017.06.05 Yerin Kim starts her summer research in the group. Welcome back!
2017.05.01 John is selected for the NASA Space Technology Research Fellowships (NSTRF17). Congratulations, John! His work will be on magnetic and low-dissipation applications of WTe2 at limited dimensions.
2017.04.28 Today is the last day for Tianyu Li. It’s been great to have him in the group. He will start his PhD in Chemistry at University of Maryland, College Park. We wish him the best of luck!
2017.03.27 Grace Pan is selected for the NDSEG and NSF Graduate Fellowship! Congratulations!
2017.03.22 Judy gave a talk at AMOLF in The Netherlands. Thanks Erik Garnett for hosting!
2017.03.04 Judy gave a Science Saturday talk to the general public. Met so many future scientists who asked brilliant questions! Check out the youtube video.
2017.01.29 Judy gave an invited talk on superconductivity in In-doped SnTe topological crystalline insulator nanostructures at the 2017 SPIE Photonics West at San Francisco.
2017.01.10 Today was the last day for Dr. Piranavan Kumaravadivel. He will join the Nobel Laureate, A. Geim’s group at UK. Best of luck to his career, and we will miss him dearly!
2017.01.04 Terry is selected as a 2017 Ludo Frevel Crystallography Scholarship recipient. Congratulations, Terry!

2016.12.22 John is selected as a Hoge Fellow for the 2016-2017 academic year. The support comes from the Pierre W. Hoge Foundation Fund at Yale. Congratulations, John!
2016.11.11 Yale news article about the Arthur Greer Memorial Prize.
2016.10.3 Tianyu Li and Jie Xing join the group as visiting students. Welcome!
2016.9.1 Pengzi Liu joins the group as a PhD student. Welcome!
2016.8.3 Daniel Vajner joins the group as a summer undergraduate researcher from Freie Universitat Berlin. He is a recipient of the German scholarship (DAAD). Welcome!
2016.7.29 Today was the last day for Emile. It’s been great to have you in the group this summer. Wish you the best of luck, and keep in touch!
2016.6.29 Judy has been awarded the Arthur Greer Memorial Prize for the outstanding research scholarship (Yale News). This recognition is really for the group members who actually do all the research. So great job, everyone!
2016.6.17 Group members presented their latest research at the Energy Sciences Institute Symposium, “Why, How, and What of Solar Energy Conversion.”
2016.6.06 Emile Motta de Castro from Columbia University has joined a group as a REU student this summer. Welcome!
2016.6.06 Terry started his summer internship at IBM. We wish him a fruitful summer!
2016.5.26 Yerin Kim, a physics major undergraduate student at Yale, joins the lab for summer research. Welcome!
2016.5.17 Check out this cool video on the Energy Sciences Institute. Our group is featured!
2016.5.12 Judy gives a talk at the Yale Science and Engineering Forum.
2016.4.06 Judy gives an invited talk at the 25th annual Connecticut Symposium on Microelectronics & Optoelectronics (CMOC) at University of Connecticut.
2016.3.31 Grace Pan received the prestigious Barry Goldwater Scholarship! She is the only Yale undergrad this year to be the Goldwater Scholar. Congraulations, Grace! (Yale News)
2016.3.14-3.18 Jie Shen and Grace Pan attended the APS March Meeting. Jie Shen presented her work on layer-dependent transport properties of WTe2 flakes.
2016.1.24-1.28 Grace Pan attended the Tel aviv-Tsinghua Winter School on “Physics at the Edge: from Topological Surfaces to Oxide Interfaces.” This trip was supported by a travel grant from the school.
2016.01.13 Dr. Sung Woo Sohn joins the group as a postdoc. Welcome! He is jointly supervised with Prof. Jan Schroers.

2015.11.06 Judy is appointed as the Carol and Douglas Melamed Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science (Yale News). Endowed chairs are awarded to those whose scholarship has brought distinction to the university. This recognition is really for the group members who actually do all the research. So great job to current members (John, Terry, Yu, Piran, Grace, and Iwona) as well as the formal members (Eric and Jie)!
2015.10.31 Today is the last day for Dr. Jie Shen. She will join Leo Kouwenhoven’s group at TU Delft. Best of luck to her career and we will miss her dearly!
2015.10.22 Dr. Piran Kumaravadivel joins the group as a postdoc. Welcome!
2015.10.21-23 Judy gave an invited talk at the 62nd AVS conference in San Jose.
2015.10.7-10 Judy gave an invited talk at the workshop, Beyond! CMOS, hosted by Max Planck Institute of Microstructure Physics at Schloss Ringberg, Germany.
2015.09.15 Our lab moved to the newly renovated Energy Sciences Center II (ESC II)! This will be the home to all the awesome science we will be doing for many years to come. Good job everyone for the move.
2015.09.04 Dr. Yu Zhou joins the group as a post-doc. Welcome!
2015.09.01 Our paper, “Nanoscale size effects in crystallization of metallic glass nanorods,” is published in Nature Communications. The work is highlighted by Yale News. Congrats, Eric, Sungwoo, and Terry!
2015.08.05 Judy gave an invited talk at the annual Microscopy & Microanalysis meeting, held at Portland, Oregan.
2015.07.31 Today is the last day for Dr. Eric Jung. He is starting as Assistant Professor at University of Central Florida (link). We wish him the best and, for sure, will miss him dearly.
2015.07.08 Judy is selected to attend the National Academy of Engineering’s (NAE) 21st annual U.S. Frontiers of Engineering (USFOE) symposium in September.
2015.07.03 Our review article on 2D TMDCs in Nano Convergence was recognized as a highly contributed paper in 2015!
2015.07.03 Judy gave an invited talk at 2015 NanoKorea, held in Seoul, Korea on 2D layered materials.
2015.06.29 The NSF team proposal, “EFRI 2-DARE: Few-layer and Thin-film Black Phosphorus for Photonic Applications,” is recommended for funding. We are excited to work on this interesting material!
2015.06.18 Our proposal, “Topological Superconductor Core-Shell Nanowires,” is recommended for funding from DOE ECMP. We are grateful for their generous support.
2015.06.01 Judy delivered a lecture to a group of high school students from Houston, participating in the EMERGE program at Yale.
2015.05.11-12 Judy gave an intived talk on the group’s work on 2D layered materials at the 2D workshop held at Penn State.
2015.05.06 Our group received a seed grant from Yale’s MRSEC center (CRISP) to study crystallization kinetics of metallic glass nanostructures. This is a second year we are receiving generous research support from CRISP. Thank you!
2015.04.04 Judy gave a CRISP public lecture on in situ TEM. Many (future scientist) kids asked some great questions!
2015.03.19 Judy gives an invited talk at the 2015 TMS meeting.

2014.10.22 Judy received a 2014 IBM Faculty Award.
2014.09.25 Eric and Sungwoo from Jan’s group presented their work on size-dependent crystallization of metallic glasses using in situ TEM heating at CRISP open house.
2014.08.26 Eric’s paper on MoS2/WS2 heterostructures is published in ACS Nano. Congrats, Eric!
2014.08.07 Prof. Zonghoon Lee and his students from UNIST visited our lab at Yale West Campus.
2014.08.06 Judy and Jie attend Microscopy & Microanalysis annual meeting at Hartford. Jie presented her work on InGaAs/GaP QD systems, in collaboration with the Lee group at Yale.
2014.08.01 Our NSF proposal “Beyond conventional methods: chemical routes to dope topological insulator nanostructures and two-dimensional materials magnetically,” is selected for funding. This is our first external funding and we are pretty stoked!
2014.06.11 The invited review article on 2D chalcogenides is published in Nano Convergence. Congrats, Eric and Jie!
2014.06.11 Our first manuscript is published in Nano Letters, “Synthesis of SnTe nanoplates with {100} and {111} surfaces.” Congrats, Jie!
2014.06.09 John Woods and Terry Xie join the group as PhD students. Welcome!

2013.11.27 We acquired atomic-resolution STEM-HAADF images and 2D EDX chemical maps of InGaAs QDs successfully! Great job, Jie! (Sample from the Lee group)
2013.10.01 We grew our first batch of nanomaterials!
2013.09.30 Victor Liu, Yale undergrad, joins the group. Welcome!
2013.09.01 Dr. Jie Shen joins the group as a post-doc. Welcome!
2013.09.01 Dr. Eric Jung joins the group as a post-doc. Welcome!
2013.08.19 Welcome to our new group website.
2013.07.01 Judy starts her position at Yale.